Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t it too expensive to use a search firm - shouldn’t I attempt to find a veterinary practice manager by myself first?

We are frequently asked if it makes more sense for the practice to utilize all other alternatives before using our services. Our response is always the same: NO! There are valid reasons behind this:

Studies indicate that, without the use of a professional veterinary search firm, the practice will probably spend the equivalent of one year’s salary for the management position you are attempting to hire for, if you try to do your own search. This is determined by considering loses in efficiency and productivity, as well as advertising and human resource costs. Also, we do so much more! Not only do we handle all the typical recruiting duties, but we also offer the following services which are included!

  • Support you, the new manager, and your team for one full year from your new manager’s start date.
  • Guarantee your new manager for one full year from your new manager’s start date.

No one else offers these services INCLUDED with the recruiting of a new manager! Utilizing our services earlier, rather than later, can be the most cost effective solution.

Do I really need a Practice manager? I seem to be doing fine without one now...

Yes, you do need a Practice manager. Every minute you spend managing your practice is a minute you are not servicing your clients and not making money. In the August VHMA newsletter ( PDF 1MB), they estimate this at a $250 per hour loss. Which really starts adding up:

"If the average veterinarian only manages four hours per week, every week, the annual loss to the practice is $50,000. Whether it is done by necessity or out of general interest, the cost is still the same."

It is all about maximizing your productivity and minimizing distractions.

I am your client. Why are you sending my employees recruiting information about other practices?

We buy mailing lists and work with mail houses nationwide. We are not given the opportunity to scan the lists for our clients or their employees. Please rest assured, if any of your employees contact us interested in one of our open positions that we will not work with them. The only way we will accept an employee from a client is if that employee has given notice and we have verified that notice with you. We will not steal your employees.